Why your business should be using Google AdWords

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We at Dreamdigital.ie love nothing more than extolling the benefits of the right mix of SEO and content to get traffic to your site and getting it ranked well in Google. It has already been said that this process is pretty relentless and it takes a lot of time to see the results. You’re competing […]


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      AdWords Agency Do you want to get your website in front of your client base right now? Contact us and we will manage your AdWords  account for your website and ensure that you get results. We will do a free consultation and audit followed by a 6 month+ AdWords campaign.   We are […]

Content - if you build it they will come

Content Marketing Strategy for Growth

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 Content Marketing is one of the most successful and popular methods of digital marketing right now. It is the most important way of getting your website out there under the noses of the people you want to do business with. Good quality content will get you ranking higher in Google. Make sure your blogs are […]

Why website design needs to be mobile responsive

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If you’re unsure as to why your website needs to be mobile responsive then you must be living under a rock the last while. Mobilegeddon came and went in April 2015, Google’s newest and heavily reported upon algorithm update. In short, this was Google changing it’s algorithm so that searches made on mobile devices, ‘mobile […]

Why we like WordPress Content Management System

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Let it be said that we are HUGE fans of WordPress as a content management system (CMS) and we are not alone. WordPress is now the world’s most popular CMS powering 22% of the web. It is extremely design and development friendly. You can make any amount of changes on css and html. It is […]

SEO – If you build it they will come

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So you’ve got the new shiny website that you have spent an age designing and developing to get just right. You’re finally happy with your website and it has gone live. Well done, you’ve got this far, but your work in getting search engine optimization for your website has just begun. Good SEO, content and […]