How to Avoid Wasting Money On Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

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How To Avoid Wasting Money On Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

          How To Avoid Wasting Money On Your Google AdWords Campaigns‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. ‘John Wanamaker’s infamous quote, the US Department Store Merchant (1838-1922) still applies today to Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns. It is widely believed that 25% of all Google AdWords Campaigns are wasted. Obviously nobody wants to waste money on their Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign do they? Yet a lot of businesses are throwing money away every day due to poor campaign set-up and inadequate campaign management.

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns aren’t a case of flinging up some keywords with ad copy. Do that and you’re going to waste far more than 25% of your budget. Each Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign needs to be consistently and strategically planned, implemented, managed and monitored to get them performing at their very best and to avoid this budget- loss pitfall. Here’s guidelines on how you can do this with your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns:

How To Avoid Wasting Money On Google AdWords CampaignsPay Per Click Campaign Set-up and Structure         

Campaign Settings

There are some Campaign settings that you really need to watch out for when setting up your Google AdWords campaign. Get these right from the start and your flying. Here are the ones that you need to watch:      

Search Setting                                                                        

 When you are initially setting up your Google AdWords campaign you can choose which type of campaign from the following:

Search Network Only Campaign

Your ads appear on Google Search network. This campaign type works by linking your AdWords keywords to the words or phrases someone uses to search on Google, then showing relevant text ads on search results pages.
This is the one and the only one that I recommend that you use, especially if you are starting off. You have more control of your campaign’s spend and where your ads will show for which keywords.

Display Network Only Campaign

Your ads can show throughout the Google Display network. This campaign matches your ads – including text, image, rich media and video ads to websites and other placements like Youtube and mobile apps with content related to your targeting. Be careful with this one as it can really drain your budget if you’re not aware of this.

Search Network With Display Setting 

This includes both search and display including text, image, rich media and video ads with search results on Google Search Network and relevant placements within the Display network. You just need to be clear here on where exactly you want your ads to appear on display. This is a good one for a business that is selling product/services that are strong on visuals.

Keyword Types

These are Exact Match, Broad Match, Broad match modifier and Phrase Match. Of these I recommend Broad match, broad match modifier and exact match to start with. Here’s the keyword type breakdown in our earlier post Google AdWords Guidelines For Successful CampaignsThe good thing with broad match is that by using this as it’s a more broad search you’re going to see the keywords that your users are searching for in search terms reports which is hugely beneficial to your campaign as you can add all of the relevant keywords to your campaign. You will also find the keywords that don’t apply to your particular campaigns which you can then add a negative keywords. You can then tighten up on your keywords by making the appropriate keywords exact as you are refining your target audience. 
Use the Right Keywords For Your Campaign. Refine your keywords, trial all keywords, monitor them for which ones are best for conversions, then continue with these. Use long-tail keywords. The thing to remember with google adwords campaigns is that you’re always trialing new keywords with new ad copy and seeing what works and what doesn’t then continue with whats working to consistently optimise your campaigns. Once you know you’ve got the right keywords with the right ad copy and the right landing pages the metrics that matter to your google adwords campaign will increase in-line.


Relevance is Key. Google rates the keyword’s all important quality score by relevance – which we have covered in this earlier post Pay Per Click (PPC) and Why Your Website Needs It. Once you’ve got relevant keywords to ad copy to landing pages then you’re not going to waste money on this. You want the relevant people clicking on your ad thereby getting the traffic you need that are genuinely searching for you, as of course they are then more likely to buy from you, increased conversions, not wasting money on not relevant enough traffic.

Be Creative With Ad Copy

Don’t use similar content to your competitors. You know your business better than anyone and you know what your clients want and need from it. You know because you see how your client reacts in front of your eyes, or you know from the great customer feedback and reviews. Capture this in the ad copy in such a way that you’re making the most of it and it’s what makes your business different. You want to convey the best of your business offering to prospective customers in as succint as possible so that it fits within the adwords text parameters. 

Google Ad Extensions

Make use of all that space Google gives you for your ad as you’re paying for it. Google keep giving us extra space in Ad Extensions which is great, make the most of it. Ad extensions give your ad more value, more visibility and more prominence on the search results page. You can add content to site links, call-outs, phone and address info and more. Get as much relevant info in there on your business as is possible.
This is a guideline on how you can avoid wasting money on your google adwords campaign. By always optimising your campaign you will continue to find ways to tighten your campaign based on the data you have been given. You can then pump this back into the campaign to continue to strengthen it and in the long run get more conversions and more ROI which is what it’s all about!
Hope this post was helpful, get in contact if you would like a free Google AdWords audit to get the most from your Google AdWords Campaigns.
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