Google Ads Plan

Google Ads Plangoogle-ads-plan

Every Google Ads campaign starts with a plan as it is indispensible for a campaign’s success. Initially we will research your business indepthly to gain the necessary knowledge to apply the ideal strategy.

Every Google Ads plan is different for every business. We will determine your target market as the more we know about your users and the users that convert , the better we can target your campaigns.  We will set out goals, determine what are counted as conversions and regularly and consistently optimise for successful Ad campaigns. We will keep in check with monthly catch up phone calls and monthly PPC reports.

Long term planning is the most substantial way to increase your campaigns ROI. We recommend a minimum of six months for every campaign and once the campaign is live that paves the way for all essential kpis to improve month on month.

Google Ads Methodology

Our Google Ads methodology from setup is to find what works in gaining conversions and building on this and pausing what isn’t. This methodology works from a baseline and grows over time with the first three- four months being the trial phase. Each campaign is sculpted based on Google Ads results that we find to be working in gaining the all important conversions. As growth is then being recorded this will continue to gain increased Google Ads results and profitability for the Google Ad campaigns.

Optimisations as part of the Google Ads methodology include but are not limited to just the following:

monitoring performance, budget, clicks, ctr-click through rate, impressions keyword research, keyword addition, negative keyword addition, search terms keyword addition, keyword segmentation, ad copy, ad extensions, ad testing, location targeting, remarketing, landing page optimisation, and the wider are of competitor research, seasonal events, new product/service campaign addition. It’s also about keeping up with new trends in Google Ads and buyer behaviour trends when all are implemented will give the edge to succeed in Google Ad campaigns.


Contact us now and we work on a winning Google Ads plan for your business.