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Dreamdigital News

May I introduce you to our News blog post series. The aim is simple yet effective; to cover all Digital news and musings that will inspire, peak your curiosity, make you stop and think and even tickle you pink! As with all the sheer hard work that’s going on in Dreamdigital.ie it’s only right and proper that we take a moment every week to engage with our gang in this way and I hope you enjoy and take something from it.

wildatlanticwaysignThe Wild Atlantic Way – A Digital Analogy
Having explored the Wild Atlantic Way for another Summer it struck me yet again how this was one of the best Marketing feats EVER and the great minds at the Wild Atlantic Way’s official tourism information website operated by Failte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority should be highly commended. It was a re-packaging of the west coast of Ireland by mapping it on a breath-takingly beautiful website where tourists could plan their itinerary and really get a taste of what’s to come.
20160815_213320The 2500km stretch of coast was also accompanied by signs that holiday makers could follow more easily along their designated route. It opened up parts of the West to far more tourists than ever before. One guest house owner in the gob-smackingly beautiful Glencolmkille in the Donegal coast told us business was up 50% on last year. Wow! Another lovely lady we met in a gift shop said that now we got to meet the people who live in the hills! It has had a huge impact on people depending on tourism in these quiet and idyllic places. The influx of French, German, Dutch and American tourists only helped in adding to our joint appreciation of this beautiful land and we came away with tangible and special forever memories. Here’s the website: http://www.wildatlanticway.com . I guarantee you will want to take off West when you see it!
20160818_123208Your online business can be a ‘Wild Atlantic Way’. Take their lead and take a step back from your digital marketing efforts. Take a good look at what’s there and ask yourself how can you improve on it. How can you re-package your digital offering to make it more relevant by mapping it out in a way that it can be found more easily by the people who matter to your website, your target audience. 20160816_155427If something hasn’t been working for you in the past then it’s time to change it right now. Step it up a notch and make the whole User Experience of your website more exciting and memorable. This could be by adding more personalised or more helpful blog posts that users would come to find that resonate with them.
Make your website a perfect User Experience. Map out your website, analyse the user journey on your website with User Explorer in Google Analytics and work back from this. Use insight from your existing users of what works for them and what doesn’t. Then use this valuable information to create a new Digital Marketing strategy and create your perfect ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ experience. The result can be far-reaching for you and your website.
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