Google AdWords Is Now Google Ads

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Google AdWords Is Now Google Ads Google AdWords has become Google Ads in late July of 2018. With this it has introduced simpler brands and solutions for their advertising products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager. Google Ads has developed exponentially from its beginnings eighteen years ago and has embraced lots of […]

AdWords Guidelines for Successful Campaigns

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Here are the basic guidelines on how you can set up a Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign that will get results. Bear in mind that all Google AdWords campaigns take time to get results and need to be monitored and tweaked regularly. Once your AdWords campaign is set up right from the start […]

Google AdWords: Pay per Click Advertising for Increased Sales

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Googe AdWords is now the biggest spend in business’s digital marketing campaigns, which is telling. Marketers allocated 12.5% – the biggest share of their digital marketing budget – to digital advertising ( 2013). Your business can gain from an effective Google AdWords campaign. SEO and content marketing can be a slow burner where the results […]

Why your business should be using Google AdWords

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We at love nothing more than extolling the benefits of the right mix of SEO and content to get traffic to your site and getting it ranked well in Google. It has already been said that this process is pretty relentless and it takes a lot of time to see the results. You’re competing […]


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      AdWords Agency Do you want to get your website in front of your client base right now? Contact us and we will manage your AdWords  account for your website and ensure that you get results. We will do a free consultation and audit followed by a 6 month+ AdWords campaign.   We are […]