Content - if you build it they will come

Content Marketing Strategy for Growth

¬†Content Marketing is one of the most successful and popular methods of digital marketing right now. It is the most important way of getting your website out there under the noses of the people you want to do business with. Good quality content will get you ranking higher in Google. Make sure your blogs are optimized for keywords that you want to get found for. WordPress SEO by Yoast which I wrote about in an earlier post does a great SEO check of every blog post for you. Write good quality content that’s easily readable and shareable. A good way to think of content for you blog would be, is the basis of your information helping people. Are you offering a solution to a problem. As generally when users read blogs they are looking to find something out, hence the search.
Make your blog post informative, interesting, relevant, fresh, new, enlightening.¬†Once it is ready to publish you can use social media to get it to your target audience so they can read and share it. Whatever social media channels you use; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc. that’s where your community is hanging out and through promoting your content through these, then that’s how they’re going to engage with you and buy from you. Just in case it needs to be mentioned do not ever do the sales pitch in your content, as this will not work ever! Right now Twitter is my top social media channel and I think it’s going to grow exponentially. Post a link to your latest blog on all of the media channels that you use and never, ever stop promoting your content. Keep doing this and you will get results. I’m doing it right now! I really hope this was helpful.