Digital Marketing in a Time of Uncertainty

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We have all been adapting our ways to the times we live in. It’s been a tricky time for businesses to keep their doors open while the country is in lock-down without a definite end date in sight. People everywhere are cautious and worried as Covid-19 has had huge ramilfications to the patterns of their every day lives. Now more than ever people need to get their products and services on-line to get in front of their customer base and keep sales coming in. Businesses need to change their message and change their digital marketing strategy. Tweaking your offers and advertising to meet the current state of affairs can save your business and get you through this tough time for marketing in a time of

Right now, the majority of people are working from home and staying indoors. As a business owner, you must tweak and adjust to meet these new consumer demands. Here are some creative ways to change your offer to retain, attract, and help your business survive if not thrive.

Understanding Your Audience & Their Needs

You should have a good understanding of your audience already through dealing with customers in your business.  You may be aware of your customers needs up to now but this might well have changed in the last while and you might find yourself having to change or tweak your offering in keeping with this. When we build Google Ads campaigns for clients, we spend a lot of time understanding the audience and the competitive landscape before constructing an offer. Understanding your audience is everything. It will determine how you speak to them, the content you create, the copy you write, the design you make, the types of offers, everything.

These are questions that you should be asking yourself as well:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What do they care about?
  • What is their current situation?
  • What is the motivating event that happens before they come to you?
  • What type of goals are they looking to achieve?

Truly understanding your audience is the first step. Your Google Analytics account on your website gives you a wealth of information on your customers and who they are, including demographics and devices, buying trends and more. Make the most of this information as you make your changes while also keeping up to date in possible new buyer trends.

Understand What People Want Right Now

With this current situation, the same messages that were important just a few weeks or months ago will possibly not fit in this construct. Instead, the world is shifting and people want safety, security, free or low-cost alternatives, delivery and you can incorporate & emphasise these themes in your offers and advertising. Here we give you some tips on just how to do that.

Be Helpful

There is a massive opportunity to simply help people at the moment. The message is firmly out there that we’re all in this together and we will get through this together. Have a think about how can you help your customer base at this trying time. Everyone is online right now looking for help and opportunities. You might find you have more free time to create some content on your website that people will find useful. Get those creative juices flowing and write to your heart’s content and if it may not come naturally to you at first, give it some time. Even get into a routine and make sure to write about what you know. You can email this content your client also to let them know you are thinking of them and have their best interests at heart.

Write a blog

There’s some great content out there which is both helpful, positive and even inspiring. As soon as this C19 hit there was a plethora of positive posts on how to get through this and how to work remotely that were genuinely helpful and empathetic. While posting some helpful content to your website you also get to build your audience and get more traffic to your website which will increase your website’s ranking.

Google Ads 

You can set up and run Google Ads campaigns to target your client base and get in front of them when they are looking for your offering right now. If you find you can no longer sell from your physical business then this is exactly what you need to keep those sales coming in and it could be the very thing that keeps your business going through these unprecedented times. If you haven’t used Google Ads already now is a great time, because advertising is temporarily cheaper than normal. There are more people online, which means more ad inventory. With Google Ads, you can reach thousands in your area looking for your offer. You bid on keywords or search terms for your ads to be shown for and you can geo-target users specific areas. You can use display and retargeting ads to get your message out to a whole new audience. Once the demand is there for your offers then your business can supply this demand.

You need to adjust your strategy quickly in these uncertain times. You need to be the right fit for your client’s needs. Once you understand what it is they need right now, then create a relevant offer and execute it as soon as possible. We have been helping our clients alter their message, adjust to new demands, and helping businesses survive during this time. If you need our help in this we would be more than happy to do so.


Now is the time to do the things that you never had the time to do and just never got around to do as you were too busy running your business. You can make new plans for your Digital Marketing strategy and we highly recommend that you add SEO into this mix. Do a quick audit of where your website is at for your most important search terms relevant to your business and where do you aim to be. There’s lots of helpful information right here in this website’s blog posts and pages  on how to do an audit, plan and execute. We would be happy to do an SEO audit for you to show you how you can make improvements in your website’s ranking and have you ready in time for when we all bounce back from all of this uncertainty and get back to the good times again after having done the right thing. Please do get in touch if you need any help in selling online. Be safe and stay busy.