Effective Content Marketing

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Is your Content Marketing effective in giving value to your customers? If you give information that your audience is looking for then you’ve gained their attention and you can then become a trusted source. In the sales process we’ve all heard that people buy from people, and people buy from people who they trust. Online users know what they’re looking for already before they buy. If they’re already finding you through the valuable information that you are giving them then they’re more likely to buy from you aren’t they? Knowledge = Power. Your content through your blog, website, newsletter whatever platform it may be has to give your audience something of great value to them.

Adding value never ends, don’t ever stop. As your ebusiness evolves and grows so will your website content. As you get to know your customer base more you will get more of a profile on who they are and what it is they are looking for. Navigate your website content imagining you are a user then update your website content accordingly and regularly.

There is a plethora of such good quality, helpful, informative content on whatever you need out there. This content can come in so many different forms; blog posts, You Tube tutorials, ebooks, pdfs, infographics, to name a few. I have found that leaders in their fields give away lots of information that they have gleaned from while equipping themselves with knowledge along their journey. When you come upon these information givers when looking to find something out they then become trusted sources to you. They are people that we really come to know as an authority on their specialist subject. There are many leaders in the digital marketing, design and development world that I have come to know through reading their content over time and that I come back to time and again. Write great content on what you know about your specialist field as you go along your business journey and you will grow your website audience.

Content – top 10, 20, 50..
‘Top 10 , 20, 30 of’ Blog Posts are ubiquitous right now aren’t they? Its a good way for content creators to gather information into a blog post that people can read through quickly. We have so much information available to us that we have become scanners. We scan headlines and articles, only lingering on those that really spark our interest. This layout works as the reader can quickly evaluate the important points that apply to them. This could also work for you as a way of compiling your valuable information and blog posting it to your audience.

Content for Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
Your website content is very critical to your Pay Per Click advertising success. Google AdWords works by ranking on your ads relevancy to what people are searching for. Not only does your ad have to have the right keywords that your clients use to find your products but you also need to have the most relevant landing page with the most relevant content. Do this right and your ebusiness will increase sales. You need to craft the right content on every landing page of your website relevant to your ads keywords. Once you test various ads you will find what works for you with the right content.

Giving valuable content to your clients requires a lot of time and dedication. It is relentless yet rewarding over time. If you really don’t have the time to give to this while you’re running a demanding business talk to us and we can do it for you. We will work very closely with you on a content marketing plan that will get results. We could also mix this with a pay per click advertising plan to further increase results for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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