Google Ads Plan

Every Google Ads campaign starts with a plan as it is indispensible for a campaign’s success. Initially we will research your business indepthly to gain the necessary knowledge to apply the ideal strategy.

Every Google Ads plan is different for every business. We will determine your target market as the more we know about your users and the users that convert , the better we can target your campaigns.  We will set out goals, determine what are counted as conversions and regularly and consistently optimise for successful Ad campaigns. We will google ads plan_google ads agency_dreamdigital.iekeep in check with monthly catch up phone calls and monthly PPC reports.

Long term planning is the most substantial way to increase your campaigns ROI. We recommend a minimum of six months for every campaign and once the campaign is live that paves the way for all essential kpis to improve month on month.

Google Ads Methodology

Our Google Ads methodology from setup is to find what works in gaining conversions and building on this and pausing what isn’t. This methodology works from a baseline and grows over time with the first three- four months being the trial phase. Each campaign is sculpted based on Google Ads results that we find to be working in gaining the all important conversions. As growth is then being recorded this will continue to gain increased Google Ads results and profitability for the Google Ad campaigns.

Optimisations as part of the Google Ads methodology include but are not limited to just the following:

monitoring performance, budget, clicks, ctr-click through rate, impressions keyword research, keyword addition, negative keyword addition, search terms keyword addition, keyword segmentation, ad copy, ad extensions, ad testing, location targeting, remarketing, landing page optimisation, and the wider are of competitor research, seasonal events, new product/service campaign addition. It’s also about keeping up with new trends in Google Ads and buyer behaviour trends when all are implemented will give the edge to succeed in Google Ad campaigns.

Google Ads Agency Dublin, Ireland

Do you want to get your website in front of your client base right now? Contact us and we will manage your AdWords  account for your website and ensure that you get results. We will do a free consultation and audit followed by a 6 month+ AdWords campaign. We are Google AdWords Partners and are experienced in creating, implementing and strategically planning AdWords Campaigns tailored to your business. We are an AdWords Agency based in Dublin and work with leading companies in Ireland.  The word we hear most to describe our Google Ads work is ‘phenomenal’! We run campaigns across search, display, video and shopping. We will work with you on a plan for Google Ads and SEO, tailored to your business.


AdWords is the most effective advertising platform for your business. Ad campaigns are highly targeted to get directly to your client base at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the products and services you offer and only pay when they click to visit your website. AdWords campaigns are measurable, can be tweaked to ensure best results over time and ultimately get a return on investment.

AdWords Discovery

All AdWords plans start with a free consultation, then we will carry out keyword and ad research based on the following findings:
What are you trying to accomplish with your AdWords spend?
What metrics are most important to your business?
What outcome are you predicting to see?

AdWords Plan

The AdWords Plan would be based on one of the following:

AdWords goal: increase in traffic to website. AdWords plan: focus on increase in click through rate (CTR)
AdWords goal: increase sales or leads. AdWords plan: increase conversions.
AdWords goal: raise brand awareness. AdWords plan: utilise the display network.

AdWords Setup

A defined campaign plan based on specific keywords and targeted, compelling ads approved by the company that will drive traffic to the website with defined success metrics for the campaign.
We will work with you on defining keywords specific to your business that will get your ad to page 1 of Google search for those keywords.

Ad research and creation – We will work with you on creating outstanding ad copy that will detail the ad’s unique selling point (USP) with attention grabbing headlines most relevant to the search. The ad headline is the greatest influencing factor into the customer’s decision of relevance. The keyword needs to be contained in the headline. The ad’s first line must contain benefits – emotional and physical dividends for the customer, why they want to buy it in the first place. The ad’s second line must contain features and offers (eg. 20% off ) The ad needs to be relevant to the landing page.
Monitoring of metrics: Cost per conversion – CPC, Click through rate – CTR, Quality Score – QS, Cost per click – CPC.

Test, Analyse, Refine

Testing of keywords and ad copy. The first two weeks of campaign is an appropriate amount of time to gather significant data on which ads are working, which keywords are the most effective, which variations on their ads are getting the most clicks. Once we tweak the campaign to perfection then with the appropriate budget you will start seeing the results.
Test, analyse and refine again.
A/B testing.
Optimise Campaign – Monitoring and measuring of overall campaign performance.

AdWords Results

A monthly report on results for the client.
KPI’s reached, based on performance of keywords and ad copy, tweaked and refined to get the best results in required cost per conversion, click through rate, quality score, cost per click.
Growing and increased traffic to website.
Growing and increased sales. Results will improve over time in line with increased quality score and click through rate.
Growing and increased brand awareness.

Based on these results we will establish specific achievable goals allocated to your AdWords campaigns and budget. We will create and run a campaign plan based on specific keywords and targeted, compelling ads that will drive traffic to the website with defined success metrics.


Our Methodology – Four Pillars

  • Granularity: We aim to position both websites on the full spectrum of relevant search queries with the propensity to drive leads. Granular customisation by our Google campaign manager means your campaign works harder for the same budget.
  • Control:We will reduce overlap between each keyword we select in order to enhance the control.
  • Intelligent Budgeting:We tailor the advertising budget to follow the best Return on Investment. Strong performing components will get more budget and poor performing components get less. We also aim to find the right balance of volume of leads and cost per lead that Boland’s are happy with. 
  • Insights:Our aim is to give you the insights you need. We want you to understand and learn what is driving performance for your budget. We are 100% transparent.

Google Ads Plan: The best you’re going to get, as it’s guaranteed to get you leads that equates to more sales!

Contact us now and we work on a winning Google Ads plan for your business.