Google Ads Management At It’s Best

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When dealing with lots of new client Google Ads accounts it still amazes me the amount of pay per click account management at it's bestcampaigns that have been set up by the previous agency and left to run on their own with no management of any sort over a shockingly long period of time.

As the agency running the Google Ads account for the client is charging a monthly management fee whilst not doing any work on any of it’s Google Ads campaigns it is nothing short of daylight robbery. Not only are the agency charging for 0 work being carried out, they are also wasting your money, your budget spend and not getting the maximum conversions (if any) that you would be getting with the right Google Ads management.

The client in most cases can be totally oblivious to this going on as they get the regurgitated, copied and pasted monthly reports with nothing more than a whole bunch of numbers and nothing being actioned month on month.

Make sure you do not fall into this trap with your Google Ads management. Google Ads campaigns can be very profitable for your business when managed in a transparent way, correctly and based on results. We are here to help you find out if yourGoogle Ads account is being managed in the right way, ie. that you are getting the most bang for your buck at all times. We have a tried and tested Google Ads Strategic Process that works. Get in contact with us and we can do a Google Ads Audit – we would then give you recommendations on how best to manage your AdWords campaigns to make them profitable and maximise on your return.

Google Ads Methodology

We have a tried and tested Google Ads Methodology that really works for our clients. It is our best-practice method of dramatically improving performance in paid search. Our integrated approach makes every phase of a Google Ads campaign work to maximum efficiency.

We constantly strive to improve quality score, from optimising campaign naming conventions to continuously testing and refining advertising copy.

The Google Ads audit will inform on what we will do to get your campaigns running at their best.

Keyword Creation

We build the campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists, advising our client how much time will be required for the initial setup as well as the maintenance.

Rather than completely changing the structure of accounts in one huge upfront task, we make use of the existing structure as far as possible, making necessary changes along the way in order of priority. This is the safest and most efficient way of making sure there is no large-scale impact on performance.

We can restructure campaigns and segment keywords offline in excel, before we implement them in the account.

To grow the account, we use search query reports to ‘keyword harvest’ from Phrase and Broad match keywords.

This allows us to see which queries users are actually searching for and whether we house them in the account already. If not, and they’re of benefit, we add them to catch future searches. If they’re not beneficial, we add them as negatives to filter out unwanted traffic and reduce wasted spend.

Once the new structure is in place it takes from 4-6 weeks to start seeing real results, then we are on the right road and we can build up and out on everything that has worked, the results of which can be truly phenomenal!


As we have said before and we will say again, it is all about the conversions. That is why we constantly strive to get you the most conversions possible and the best cost per conversion. We initially do a conversions check, which basically is to run a check on all keywords that have converted in the past and weed out the keywords that haven’t converted and need to be removed promptly as they are more than likely wasting lots of money on your campaigns. So we stop this now! By doing this it gives the keywords more likely to convert more of a chance to convert with the current budgets. Then we find the strong converting keywords and build out dedicated campaigns with these and related keywords, trial and analyse results. Then we make updates based on the results.

Tracking Parameters

pay per click account management at it's best-2Parameters across both Google Ads and Google display network channels will be implemented at template level, to a set of standards agreed with our clients. Any published changes to campaign tagging follow a process, including a review of the data integrity of any tracking platforms which could be affected by the tracking parameters in use.

Our experience gives us considerable insight into the existing tracking setup. We appreciate the importance of de-duplication and effective and robust tracking and we carefully consider the nuances and requirements of every deployment.

Google Analytics tracking parameters form a part of our Google Ads methodology for paid search activity, and are specified for each individual client situation.

In Conclusion:

This just gives you a taste of what we are about. Contact us today and we will work with you on getting the most from your AdWords Campaigns and in getting you a return on your investment.