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Google AdWords: Pay per Click Advertising for Increased Sales

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Googe AdWords is now the biggest spend in business’s digital marketing campaigns, which is telling. Marketers allocated 12.5% – the biggest share of their digital marketing budget – to digital advertising ( 2013). Your business can gain from an effective Google AdWords campaign. SEO and content marketing can be a slow burner where the results come in gradually and build with time. Google AdWords is a much quicker way of getting your website found with ads relevant to exactly what people are searching for and gets your business the result that it deserves. It takes a little time to get right, once the ads are tweaked to perfection getting you a good conversion. You can continue to test your ad campaign based on Google’s results.
Throw us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk with you about a really good digital marketing campaign for your business to include the right mix of PPC, SEO and Content Marketing tailored to your business. We do a free consultation.

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