Google AdWords Quality Score Update

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adwords-logoGoogle AdWords Quality Score Update


Google have announced changes to their quality score. They will be rolling out null quality scores to make it more transparent. This will happen when you add new keywords to your Google AdWords campaign so that they start with 0 impressions and clicks which can’t accurately determine a keyword’s Quality Score and for keywords which lack recent click and impression data.

The null keyword looks like this ”–”. Currently a new keyword would automatically get a quality score of 6/10 and this would stay or change over time to reflect the changes in impressions and clicks. Google recommends that you review your reports, filters, rules and scripts that rely on quality scores before this time.

Quality Score

Quality score is the most important metric for your Google AdWords campaign as it is how Google determines ad rank. The higher the quality score the less your spend for those all important clicks. Quality Score is dependent on three factors; CTR (click through rate), ad relevance and landing page quality. It’s all very fair that Google would rank your ad based on these as Google AdWords is all about providing the most relevant ad to your search. The click through rate of your ad will increase due to users clicking on your ad when they find it as it’s relevant to the search, same goes for the ad content and the landing page. Once these are all connected along a most relevant path then you quality score should increase over time. What’s a good quality score, 6/10 would be average so you would be aiming higher than this. With consistent optimization you should be aiming for an increase to 8,9 and even 10 over time as we only aim for perfection! It is something we strive to increase in every adwords campaign as once this increases you start getting more for your google adwords budget and your campaign’s overall success.
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