Google Optimize and Session Quality Score

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google optimize and session quality scoreGoogle Optimize and Session Quality Score                                                                   Google will be launching two new metrics shortly, Google Optimize and Session Quality Score, as add on’s to Google Analytics.

Google Optimize
Google Optimize is a free version of their enterprise-class testing and personalisation product. Optimize helps businesses draw useful insight from the data that is flowing into their websites. It is built on Google Analytics, businesses can use their existing information experiment and personalize site experiences with minimal set-up requirements. It makes it much easier for you to analyse your customer’s experience and equipped with insight, make the necessary changes to optimize the results. I will be testing it out and will get back with my findings shortly. 
Session Quality Score
Google are launching a new metric called Session Quality Score. According to Google it uses machine learning to predict the likelihood of a visitor making a transaction on your site or app based on past behaviour. You can then use these metrics for remarketing to those predicted to be of high-value.
Both of these are free, make for interesting ways of knowing more about your users behaviour when on your website and gives you more insight on when the user is actually going to buy while on your webite.
The usefulness of both of these updates is huge as digital marketers always strive to know more about our website users, what is that they are getting from the website experience and if it is all that they wanted and expected. As digital marketers we are always trying to make this journey seamless, and the only way that we can do this is if we can get more information on the user’s experience and on their behaviour. You can check User Experience in Google Analytics and you could set up goals through Google Analytics. Google Optimize will be an easier way of doing this where you can test out various user journeys and find out which is the best one, most used by your users that will get them to the end goal. Session Quality Score is a great resource to have when predicting when a user is most likely to buy from your website. This has been difficult to predict in the past as there are many parts that make up the buying process in a sales funnel, with lots of drop-off as users got ever closer to the check-out. Being able to predict users as buyers on your website will be of great impact to digital marketers as any information that we can ascertain on this is hugely beneficial to ultimately increasing conversions which is what we’re all about.