SEO – If you build it they will come

So you’ve got the new shiny website that you have spent an age designing and developing to get just right. You’re finally happy with your website and it has gone live. Well done, you’ve got this far, but your work in getting search engine optimization for your website has just begun. Good SEO, content and social media are crucial to you getting your desired results. Good content needs to be planned and continued throughout the website’s life. The website design and development is just the start, the future of the website needs to be mapped out, according to why the website was created in the first place and how you are going to get results.
Have clear objections 
What are your objectives for your website? Do you need to drive sales, create awareness, influence or educate?
SEO – Get the Google love 
First things first, you need to get found by google, set up google webmaster tools and google analytics. Verify your website with Google, add your google sitemap to the root folder and to google webmaster tools. As your website gains traffic you will be able to analyse what your website is getting found for and how you can improve upon this.
Promote, promote, promote 
You need to promote your website with a mixture of SEO, content and social media. With the right mix and a lot of hard work and perseverance you will get your site ranked by google. Your aim is to get ranked close to and hopefully above the competition with good SEO, content and social media so that you will get found by your customer base. To be successful in this you need to have a sound technical infrastructure for good SEO. Google webmaster tools have some great checklists and blogs on SEO that you should really immerse yourself in. You also need to provide fresh, new content consistently and always. Good quality content related to your website is what you really need to work on, this takes a lot of time and is pretty relentless. Just think your website is new on the digital scene, competing for google love with a plethora of already well established brands. How to even start to compete with them might be mind boggling. With the right mix of SEO, content and social media and sheer hard work you will get there eventually!
You need to have a dedicated blog as an intrinsic part of your website. You need to have regular blog posts related to what your website specialises in. You need to understand your customer base, who are you targeting and what for and with the right blog content you will succeed in getting these to your site and get results. Blogging once you get started has a way of gaining momentum as you write your first couple you will then organically come up with content for more blogs. How to best equip yourself for blogging, become a voracious reader of everything related to your specialist subject. Do the research. Check out the competition, what are they providing content on, and what are their target audience interested in reading more on. Be ahead of the game in new trends and developments and blog regularly on these, providing unique content that informs and gets results and you will have your target audiences attention and keep them coming back for more. It’s not nuclear science but once you do get content right you will reap the benefits.
This blog post is the first in a series of how to get your website search engine optimized. This post just scratches the surface of a long journey that you are on that will ultimately get you results. We are here to help you with that journey and get you to the pinnacle of website success.