Mobile Marketing as Part of your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Are you making the most from your mobile website? Do you have a dedicated mobile marketing campaign as part of your overall digital marketing campaign?
Clearly the adoption of smartphones continues to rise globally, with smartphone owners representing two-thirds of the total population in the US alone. And these numbers are rapidly increasing in other developed countries, too. Mobile marketers need to be ready to reach these mobile customers. Business on mobile devices continues to grow rapidly. Projections for retail sales on smartphones and tablets will total $115 billion in 2015 (Forrester).
Google’s consumer barometer on the behaviour of Irish mobile consumers authenticates why you need to be on top of your game with your mobile marketing exploits. Your ebusiness needs to effectively address the shift in increasing web traffic and sales from mobile devices right now. Here are the facts of the google report that apply to your ebusiness and the future of it’s success. People are very savvy shoppers, with 23% of consumers using their smartphone when looking for information on upcoming purchases. 14% of shoppers do in-store research, 15% do a location search, which influences their buying decisions. 7% of consumers have reportedly had problems when navigating mobile site and 31% sometimes which needs to be addressed. Location based searches are proving to be a big draw for small and medium enterprises. This information is critical in formulating these businesses mobile strategies. 19% of consumers plan their purchases, 26% are specific to product needs and 7% are location searches. 34% of consumers look for local information. Businesses need to have a flawless mobile website with a quick loading time that makes for an excellent user experience to maximise on online revenue. The google gods are proactively inciting the benefits of good quality mobile sites. Your ebusiness will reap the rewards.

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