SEO Agency

We are an SEO agency fully dedicated to finding out and executing what your website needs for increased ranking, traffic and leads.

Every website is different so we start with an SEO audit to decipher what exactly your website needs and what we can implement to get you there – in front of your target audience.

We use sustainable methods to build your organic rankings to attract increased organic traffic over time.

We will get your website ranking on page one for the most important  search terms/ keywords that are vital to your business.

This means that we will put your business front and centre for search terms that your client base are entering when they are looking for a solution to their problem.

We will start with an SEO audit of your website, then we will work n a plan on how to execute over a certain time period.  After conducting a site review we will implement the following:

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On-site SEO:

  • Performance of all essential website technical improvements for increased ranking of prioritised keywords: website functionality, tags, meta-descriptions, site speed, page index, content review.

Keyword research and addition:

We will compile a list of prioritised keywords most relevant to your business that we want to increase ranking for increased traffic and leads. We will work on getting your business ranking on page one for your most important search terms. We will SEO website pages around the keywords for incremental increased ranking over time, with a monthly keyword ranking report to be sent.


  • 10-20 prioritised keywords to be agreed with client.
  • SERP analysis- current ranking of keywords and plan to increase.
  • On-page keyword analysis and plan to increase keyword ranking.

Backlink analysis:

We will look at new backlink opportunities for your business and add to all relevant, good quality directories.

Competitor Check

  • We will research all competitors for opportunities to list keywords organically higher than these.


Deliverables: We will get the best SEO results for your business which will lead to improved search engine ranking and increased traffic to the website over time. We would recommend an initial 6 months for increased website performance as SEO is a long-term investment which takes this time to see results. SEO Agency Dublin Ireland