Why we like WordPress Content Management System

Let it be said that we are HUGE fans of WordPress as a content management system (CMS) and we are not alone. WordPress is now the world’s most popular CMS powering 22% of the web. It is extremely design and development friendly. You can make any amount of changes on css and html. It is an impeccable user experience and has excellent functionality.
There’s a vastly high calibre of WordPress users including Facebook Newsroom, The New York Times company, Google Ventures and even The Rolling Stones to name just a few, if that’s not dream endorsements! Even setting up a small WordPress website takes very little time too. WordPress support is second to none. It is open source and all you have to do is sign up to become part of this wide and ever growing community. No matter what niggling query you might find yourself coming upon I can assure you it has been asked of WordPress before which is good for you. Of course WordPress has loads of good quality responsive themes to choose from.
WordPress plugins are an indelible addition to your website, last count by WordPress there was 29,000 , this is growing every day. My favourite plugin which I mentioned in an earlier post is WordPress SEO by Yoast. I have used so many more and you will too according to your requirements.
WordPress is most popular with business websites which is fitting to us. There are astonishingly six new blog posts every second.
WordPress has come a long way in it’s 11 years of existence and it’s humble beginnings as a blog. I have to mention it’s creators Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, we applaud you! The WordPress community of contributors are constantly and busily working at fresh updates to the site all the time. The sky is the limit WordPress.