WordPress SEO by Yoast, an essential plugin.

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I highly recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. Add it to your website at the beginning and you can then do an SEO check on all of your posts and pages. It will give you a detailed page analysis of copy score, outbound links, keywords, page title, meta description and body copy. The page is colour coded from poor to ok to good. As you make your SEO improvements you will move up the Yoast SEO ranks accordingly and when you get the highly coveted ‘SEO: good ‘I urge you to give yourself the obligatory pat on the back for your achievements! This is a very user friendly, time saving, well laid out plugin which is exemplary in getting your web pages optimized right from the beginning and it’s something that you can keep referring to as your website grows. It is an essential plugin for your website’s SEO.