Content Marketing Essentials

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Happy New Year everybody! Here’s to a cracking 2016. We are looking forward to an extremely busy and successful year ahead. Content Marketing is going to be huge in 2016, make this a major part of your Digital Marketing Plan and you’re winning already. The evidence is there, 88% of B2B companies are now using content […]

How to Plan Your Content in 5 Top Steps

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  The importance of good quality content on your ecommerce site cannot be underestimated. Your consumers today are empowered, in control and telling brands where, when and how they are open to a mutually valuable exchange of information. Digital Marketers increasingly see the potential for content – amplified by digital and social media – to […]

Effective Content Marketing

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Is your Content Marketing effective in giving value to your customers? If you give information that your audience is looking for then you’ve gained their attention and you can then become a trusted source. In the sales process we’ve all heard that people buy from people, and people buy from people who they trust. Online users […]

Mobile Marketing as Part of your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Are you making the most from your mobile website? Do you have a dedicated mobile marketing campaign as part of your overall digital marketing campaign? Clearly the adoption of smartphones continues to rise globally, with smartphone owners representing two-thirds of the total population in the US alone. And these numbers are rapidly increasing in other developed […]

Google AdWords: Pay per Click Advertising for Increased Sales

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Googe AdWords is now the biggest spend in business’s digital marketing campaigns, which is telling. Marketers allocated 12.5% – the biggest share of their digital marketing budget – to digital advertising ( 2013). Your business can gain from an effective Google AdWords campaign. SEO and content marketing can be a slow burner where the results […]